Deion Whorton

Meet the Founder

Originally from Indianapolis, IN, Deion and his family moved to Houston, TX for a new beginning. After experiencing many organizations adjusting and writing off tons of money due to ineffective medical billing practices, he realized that he needed to do something to change the narrative. In March 2020, he started PCS Revenue Cycle Management with the goal of help healthcare professionals in private practice stay private and profitable. With more than five years in the medical billing industry, Deion has effectively resolved issues with insurance companies and helped recover every dollar the doctor deserve. Deion and his team are committed to helping medical practices increase their financial health and stability.

Special thanks to The Jaded Medical Biller for allowing me the opportunity to speak to her regarding the barriers providers face regarding medical billing and the benefits of outsourcing. Watch the video below.

Deion Whorton

Get Your Payments Faster & More Efficiently With Less Headache

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