Medical Billing Texas

PCS Revenue Cycle Management provides full-service medical billing in Houston, TX. We offer medical facilities timely reimbursements and, in turn, help them achieve the best revenue maximization.

Also, PCS Revenue Cycle Management takes full charge of submitting medical bills and insurance claims, overruling errors, and yet giving accurate medical billing within the prescribed time limit, which is essential for medical facilities for perfect and superlative management of their revenue cycle.

We also collect and review referrals and pre-authorizations. Furthermore, we investigate and appeal denied claims.

Our Billing Medical Services Includes;

  • Enrolment into the billing system: Houston medical records require top-of-the-line services on submitting demographic and insurance information, which is what PCS offers. This helps insurance companies and medical consultants access necessary data about the patients easily and timely.
  • Insurance verification: PCS provides unexplored services to verify the patient’s eligibility and insurance benefits – principal part of the medical billing process. We manage unsurpassed verification procedures efficiently. We also ascertain the patient’s active medical data coverage with the insurance company; this includes; type of plan, policy status, plan exclusions, claims’ mailing address, patient’s responsibilities, and co-pays co-insurance, and deductibles, effective date, and much more.
  • Authorization: PCS receives insurance authorization efficiently and on time. We maintain a cordial relationship with the insurance company and also ensures that the insurer pays promptly for the services that they are looking for. This way, we avoid the odds of last-minute cancellation of claims and ensure the maximum cash flow.
  • Coding: PCS carry out medical coding processes providing perfect and unambiguous records. We do medical coding audits, CPT coding, DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations, and other related coding procedures with excellent records to get full reimbursement.
  • Billing and reconciling of accounts: We focus on all aspects of billing service provision, which is why we are a full billing service provider with the best output in Houston, TX. Collecting monthly bills, calculating self-accounting totals, handling the transfer of funds, and more to ensure that healthcare practices are run smoothly. Charge entry, cash posting, and reconciliation are our three significant focuses on account reconciliation.
  • Accounts receivable collections: PCS offers quality AR collection solutions to help health facilities overcome credit and collection problems. We ensure timely and supreme insurance collection and patient collection.
  • Audit: The charge team at PCS audit the charges entered, evaluates the accuracy of input, and ensures that the billing rules are correctly followed. We also verify the accuracy of claims based on carrier requirements.
  • Staffing: We employ Medical Billing Specialists, AAPC certified coders, accountants, and other supporting personnel.
  • Software: We utilize advanced billing software and technology that performs every phase of the billing procedures with accuracy, strictly following the latest medical reimbursement rules.

Why PCS Revenue Cycle Management?

PCS knows that Medical Billing in Texas is essential and highly sought after by medical facilities and patients for excellent medical services. We will tailor our work after your need and provide top-of-the-line services the moment we are employed. From billing enrolment to insurance verification to authorization to auditing, we will help you improve the way you experience medical services.

The professional Medical billing specialists employed by us will focus solely on improving your medical experiences. Why don’t you take charge of your medical experiences today by contacting PCS Revenue Cycle Management at 281-937-4089 or on our official website at   

Medical Billing Texas

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