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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: Maximize your reimbursements, your time, and your patient care.
Client Experiences, Claims Processed, Money Collected, Client Credentialing
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Meaningful partnerships with clients by offering a robust healthcare revenue cycle management services designed to improve your revenue cycle needs

Client Experiences, Claims Processed, Money Collected, Client Credentialing

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: Agency For Healthcare Biller: PCSRCM

Your medical billing agency should be a team you can count on to deliver – every time.

We only collaborate with physicians and healthcare professionals in private practice. PCSRCM is a 100% US-based medical billing company in Houston, Texas. We provide medical billing services throughout the US. We have a HIPPAA Compliance plan in place to protect PHI. Your medical practice was created to help people, but it’s also about making money. You can’t make money if your bills take too long to get paid. At PCS Revenue Cycle Management, we make billing easy and bring the money in for you.

Most medical practices in healthcare revenue cycle management aim to get as many patients as possible into the calendar. But that’s only the first half of the job.


As a tremendous medical billing service, PCS gets you paid for the work. We handle the billing, appeals, and reporting. Our team even handles collections.

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The Process is Seamless and Easy

We want to make sure we are the right fit for your practice.

Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Houston-TX-Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Sugarland-TXDiscovery Call
We will set up a meeting and take this time to learn more about you and your practice.

Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Houston-TX-Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Clearlake-TXEHR Analysis
The next step is someone from our team will need to review your current EHR.

Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Houston-TX-Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Clearlake-TXStrategy Call
After we complete your complimentary practice analysis, we will set up another meeting to go over the results.

Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Houston-TX-Best-Rated-Medical-Billing-Clearlake-TXProposal Service Agreement
If we believe you could benefit from our services, we will send you a proposal.

We are honored that you decided to trust PCS Revenue Cycle Management with your revenue cycle needs.

We want to help physicians and healthcare providers in private practice stay private and profitable

Understand what services PCS Revenue Management offers

Billing Management

By simply hiring PCS to do your billing, you can save a lot of time and hassle. As an extra bonus, you don’t need to try to find qualified staff, manage them, and on and on.



Let the insurance companies do your marketing for you! As an in-network provider, you’ll get more patients without having to do any advertising. The team at PCS will help you get accredited by more insurance companies.



Even if PCS isn’t your medical billing company, we can help you get the most from your medical billing processes.

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