Why should I outsource my billing to a PCSRCM?

PCS Revenue Cycle Management is not trying to be the next multimillion dollar medical billing company with thousands of clients and employees.  We only collaborate with physicians and healthcare professionals in private practice.  PCSRCM is a 100% US based medical billing company based in Houston, Texas. We provide medical billing services throughout the US. We have HIPPAA Compliance plan in place to protect PHI. We also carry a $1 million errors and omission policy to protect ourselves as well as our clients in the event of a monetary loss on our behalf.  We are confident this will never happen, but a peace of mind is all that matters

Does PCSRCM offers front desk training?

Yes we do. Approximately 25% of claim rejections and claim denials are due to front desk errors. Please ask for more information about this service.

Will PCSRCM work my outstanding accounts receivables?

Absolutely! Please note that the longer a claim is outstanding, the harder it is to collect. Our team will do our best to recover any outstanding accounts receivable.

Will PCSRCM follow up on claim rejections and claim denials? Will my office have to complete any follow-up? Does my practice need to submit a ticket to get rejections and denials worked?

Yes! We are a full-service medical billing agency. Our team is monitoring your account regularly and will catch all rejections and denials. We then work to resolve the rejection/denial immediately.  The only thing the client needs to do is make sure that patient’s information is accurate.

What does PCSRCM require of clients?

The only thing required from the client is to provide patient’s demographics and applicable ICD and CPT codes to bill insurance appropriately. The client is responsible for providing accurate data to ensure consistent cash flow.

Will I need to switch my current EHR? Will PCSRCM work out of my current EHR?

Yes! One of our core values is transparency. We want you to see the work that is being done to ensure that our team is managing your account appropriately.  We will also provide you monthly reports and inform you of any trends we notice that could be affecting revenue.

Will PCSRCM send my patient’s data to offshore vendors?

Absolutely not! We believe patient data should stay on United States soil to ensure the best protection of your patient’s data. We tell our clients to look at outsourcing their medical billing is an investment and not to choose a company based on low cost. The protection of patient information is a priority at PCSRCM.

Will PCSRCM manage billing inquiries from my patients?

Yes! PCSRCM has a dedicated number to call us regarding any billing inquiries. We fully understand that our communications with your patients reflects your practice. As such we manage all interactions with your patients with the upmost professionalism. We recommend that practices collect all patient responsibility up front. Sometimes, there may be additional services provide or changes once a claim is processed and it may result in a balance. If the patient has an outstanding balance and needs an explanation, we are here to help!

How do I send insurance correspondence received by mail to PCSRCM for review?

We utilize Microsoft Teams as our collaboration platform. We will create a team in the platform and add you as a guest. This will allow you to upload any insurance correspondence for our team to review.

What is the best way to contact PCSRCM if my practice has a question regarding my account?

You can communicate with our team regarding urgent issues at any time via Microsoft Teams. You can chat with our team regarding any questions you have. We provided optional monthly meeting to all our clients to discuss revenue, trends, or any issues that do not require immediate attention. We understand healthcare providers are terribly busy and we are not making this a requirement but highly recommended especially the first few months.

If I choose PCSRCM as my billing company, how soon can you start servicing my account?

Immediately! Once we determine you are a good fit and the service agreement signed, our team will get started on your account right away. Please see OUR PROCESS to get a better understanding of our process.

Is PCSRCM HIPAA Compliant? Will my patient’s protected health information be secure?

Absolutely! We take HIPAA very seriously. We have a HIPAA compliance and risk analysis plan we implement to remain compliant with HIPAA. We also take the initiative to make sure our devices are encrypted to ensure full protection. If we need to send PHI to you or an insurance carrier, the email will be encrypted.

How often will PCSRCM bill my claims to insurance?

Our goal is to send claims daily to ensure our clients are receiving consistent cash flow! We recommended that charts are closed each day to make this possible. If a client can not close their charts daily, we highly recommend that they are closed within 72 hours. Our team is unable to bill if your notes are not in or if the encounter are not closed. Most importantly, this will affect your revenue

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