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4 Disadvantages of Overseas Medical Billing

Thinking of outsourcing your medical billing to an overseas company? Before you do that, read the alarming disadvantages of overseas [...]

Pros and Cons of Cloud-Based and Server-Based EMR

For the past decade, medical innovation and technology are improving and growing at an exceptionally fast rate. Today, the aim [...]

New Patient Vs. Established Patient E/M Codes

From an outsider’s perspective, it might seem easy to determine who’s who between a new patient and an established patient. [...]

25 Vs. 59 – Which Modifier to Use and When?

Medical billing and coding is already quite confusing and hard. When you mix in modifiers, well, it only gets worse. [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Texas’ Surprise Billing Law

Medical billing isn’t as simple and straightforward as some might assume. There are so many factors to consider, from choosing [...]

Is Medicare Telehealth Expansion Here to Stay?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a lot of dangers and uncertainty. It completely redefined our definition of normal. In [...]

What is Telemedicine Billing?

Telemedicine billing is complicated as it is, but with the onset of the coronavirus, it has grown in complexity. The [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Coding Changes in 2021

E/M and coding changes in the past few months have led many people to wonder what changes will happen with [...]

Pros and Cons of Paperless Medical Billing

What we once understood as the traditional ways of billing are quickly being replaced by newer, more efficient ways. With [...]

7 Tips to Avoid Medical Billing and Coding Mistakes

Mistakes happen all the time. They happen in small companies as well as big organizations. Anyone can make them. However, [...]

What Is CMS and What Does it Do?

CMS is a pretty common term in the healthcare sector, specifically in the world of medical billing, for several reasons. [...]

How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Company

Looking after sick patients is already difficult, and it only worsens if you have to look after their billing and [...]

7 Steps of a Medical Billing Process

If you are a healthcare provider and manage your medical billing process alone, you know how incredibly difficult it can [...]

​​Benefits of Using Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is not a simple process. The increasing number of medical coverage plans offered by various insurance companies has [...]

The Bottom Line On Medical Billing and Why It’s So Important


Dealing With Denials in Medical Billing

The increasing number of medical coverage plans offered by health insurance companies has complicated the process of medical billing. The [...]

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