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Learn a little more about who we are & how we operate our medical billing agency as a team!

Our Mission

Our medical billing agency increases profitability within the organization of healthcare professionals

Our Vision

To build meaningful partnerships with our clients by offering a robust billing service designed to improve revenue cycle needs

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Learn More About Our Medical Billing Agency Owner, Deion Whorton

We're 100% transparent with our clients and
our medical billing agency processes to showcase not only trust, but care

Originally from Indianapolis, IN, Deion and his family moved to Houston, TX for a new beginning. After experiencing many organizations adjusting and writing off tons of money due to ineffective medical billing practices, he realized that he needed to do something to change the narrative.

In March 2020, he started PCS Revenue Cycle Management, a best-in-class medical billing agency with the goal of helping healthcare professionals in private practice stay private and profitable. With more than five years in the medical billing industry, Deion has effectively resolved issues with insurance companies and helped recover every dollar the doctor deserves. Deion and his team are committed to helping medical practices increase their financial health and stability.

We empower our team, our colleagues, our clients, & our communities

It all starts with our core values which are vested in
people, culture, and the fundamentals of how we work

We stand behind all services & own our processes.


Our business promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The cornerstone of our business is trust and ethics.


We pride ourselves on respect & being industry leaders.


We're up front with how we work & status updates.

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