How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Company

Looking after sick patients is already difficult, and it only worsens if you have to look after their billing and finances too. That’s why many medical practices and hospitals leave their medical billing to a medical billing company. This way, doctors can focus entirely on treating their patients and not worry about filing claims and dealing with denials.

However, all this depends on how good the medical billing company is. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good company for medical billing in Houston, TX, consider the following factors.


Ensuring the right scale of the company plays a big role in how well both organizations fit together and if that medical billing company is right for you. You will find medical billing companies of all sizes and must choose the one that best matches your medical practice.

If you are running a large organization but you choose to work with a small medical billing company, it won’t be an efficient set-up as the medical billing company might not have that many resources or the expertise to handle your billing efficiently. Similarly, if you have a small organization, a prominent medical billing company might be too expensive or not as efficient for you.


Medical billing companies are sometimes single-handedly responsible for the entire financial health of your organization or practice. With that much responsibility and the nature of the work, transparency is of the utmost importance. So, when choosing a medical billing company, choose one that is transparent with you from the start.

This means being upfront about what they can and can not do, dealing with denials and rejections, being honest about the progress of claims, etc. This will help you stay in the loop and stay aware of your financial situation.


Working with a medical billing company isn’t as simple as hiring a company and asking them to start handling your payment collections. There is a complex onboarding process where several details need to be planned out, and then there’s a long transition period depending on how both companies operate.

You must see how that company operates beforehand if you want a convenient onboarding process. Will you require technical resources, additional staff, or other materials to work with this company? All this needs to be considered.


Security is also a big concern in the healthcare industry. As a doctor, you often have to take a lot of important and sensitive information from patients, so it’s your responsibility to protect all that information from falling into the wrong hands. And now that you will be working with a medical billing company, it’s their responsibility too.

So, you have to ensure that the company you choose has adequate security measures in place to protect your data and that of your patients. They should set up these security measures from the first day for the safe transfer and storage of information.


Experience and track record also says a lot about a company. A company with a lot of industry experience and specifically in medical billing, Houston, will be much better and more skilled at their job than a company that has just started.

Moreover, when the job is as complicated as medical billing, coding, filing insurance claims, etc., you definitely want someone who’s an expert. So, you should see how much experience the company holds, their track record, if they have reviews or testimonials, and so on. They should be experts at ICD-10 and know all of the billing regulations.


Along with their overall experience, it’s also important that they hold experience in specialty services. It could be that they are experienced at handling general practice billing while you run a neurology hospital that requires special knowledge and experience regarding the medical billing.

Therefore, before you decide on a company, ask them about their specialty experience and sub-specialties. All this will save you from inefficient medical billing and trouble later on.


The price will play a big role in deciding which medical billing company you go for eventually. However, when comparing the prices of different companies, don’t just look at the price. You should also consider the level of services offered in exchange for that price. It could be that one medical billing company is offering very low prices but inadequate services in return.

On the other hand, another medical billing company might be charging slightly more, but they will offer a higher level of services that will eventually help you recover more money by reducing errors and denials in the payment collection process.


You should also see what kind of IT system and software the other company is using. If the difference between your IT system and theirs is vastly different, it could cause problems in information sharing and quick correspondence when needed. Sometimes, you might have to adopt new software just to ensure a smooth medical billing process.


Last but not least, the right medical billing company should show responsibility and responsiveness in all matters. Whether it’s a denied claim or any other problem, they should inform you and take care of it as soon as possible to resolve the matter. They should also respond to any of your concerns right away so that you can take care of things at your end without any worry.


With most people, these days using some sort of medical coverage and insurance, collecting payments for healthcare providers is becoming an increasingly difficult task. However, it isn’t impossible if you have the right medical billing company with you. With the right company, you can leave all your finances and payment collection up to them and focus on what is important.

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