Comprehensive. Cost-Effective. Reliable.

We provide professional, experienced medical billing and collections for practices. It's our goal to help you re-dedicate your resources to what really matters - your patients.

Your billing will be secure with us - all our providers are protected under Hiscox, a professional error and omission insurance.


At PCS Revenue Cycle Management, our medical billing professionals stay on top of payor policy changes, coding changes, and any other factors that could affect your facilities reimbursements. Our medical billing and team submit virtually error-free claims and obtain the highest legal level of reimbursement for your practice, which we take very seriously.

PCS is a medical billing company based in Houston, TX that's known for our expert medical billing services. Between managing schedules, seeing your patients, staying current with the latest technologies and running your business, there's a lot of responsibilities involved in running a successful medical practice and/or drug rehab facility. If insurance claims and patient files have become overwhelming due to the sheer number patients your practice sees, it may be time to consider outsourcing your billing to PCS Revenue Cycle Management medical billing service.

How much does it cost to staff and manage your in-house medical billing department? Does Your in-house medical billing staff understand your practice and how to help maximize its profitability and efficiency? PCS has been working with medical practices for over 15 years, and we know how to drive your revenue growth and make life that much easier for you hardworking healthcare providers. We guarantee that outsourcing your medical billing services to PCS will save your practice money.

Our certified medical billing and coding professionals perform a comprehensive range of services to maximize your reimbursement and let you focus on helping people feel better!

Billing Services:

-Medical Billing Services

-Electronic claims processing

-Charge entries

-Claim follow up

-Exhaust appeals process as needed for all denials

-Payment posting

-Patient statements

-Patient correspondence

-Collection lists

-Revenue cycle assessments

-Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports

-Fee schedule management


Included Services

These services are included with our starting medical billing package. 


Verification of Benefits


Utilazation Management


Billing and Collections


Payment Posting


Our Commitment

  • 20-30% increase of collections 

  • 80% reduction of denials

  • Reimbursed 25% faster

  • Transparency


This package includes billing and collections for all services as well as follow up and denial management on claims that deny or reject.  We also provide this service to psychiatric and substance abuse residential treatment centers.  If you are interested in utilizing us for the billing needs of your center, please contact us for pricing.

We also offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee - if you aren't satisfied within that period, there is no termination fee for canceling.

Get Your Payments Faster & More Efficiently With Less Headache

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